Average Yearly Contribution of Wind

From www.gridwatch.templar.co.uk this is about 2 gigawatts from 7,198 metred turbines, and yearly demand averages about 35 gigawatts. So average year round wind contribution is only 5.7%. This makes a pig’s breakfast out of the wild claims of the wind industry. In Wales it is only about 2% because the wind speed is less. The wikipedia article on wind turbines is wildy wrong. It claims 14.6 gigawatts of installed capacity, 9.512 megawatts onshore and 5.09 megawatts offshore. These figures are wrong by a factor of a thousand. They probably mean 14.6 gigawatts, but the actual contribution to the grid is only 2 gigawatts as measured by gridwatch. Wiki claims support for wind turbines, but in this area, and many other areas, there is almost complete opposition to wind turbines from all parties and the electorate. There are about thirty thousand wind turbines in all, many are small and unmetred, producing only kilowatts, enough for a cup of tea. The entire countryside has been destroyed. So wiki writes wind industry propaganda. Recently a quarter of all wind turbine companies have gone bankrupt. As subsidies are dropped I estimate that most of them will go bankrupt, leaving the environment covered with scrap that cannot be maintained. Wiki is notorious for bad propaganda.

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