Wind 11.93%, 3 – 27 mph, Wales 2 – 10 mph, (0751 local time)

The wind speed in the Betws area now is 5 mph, so the completely useless turbines are not generating any power at all because they need 9 mph to start. Obviously they are a total failure and should be demolished at developed expense (a small group of pseudofarmers). These should be sued for envionmental carnage and mass slaughter of wildlife. Solar now is an amazing 0.00% so just as obviously the solar panels fly dumped in Mawr should be removed, or painted green to merge in with the fields and used as sheep shelters. It is again blazingly obvious that the thirty foot tide four miles away should be used to generate the entire energy needs of the countries of Britain. As usual, nuclear is dangerously flat out, and gas is near full capacity. This is what happens when a corrupt and banal cabal smoothly puts an Orwellian boot on the face of democracy. Orwell once mentioned that society would land up like this. My allusion yesterday to a giant concrete pyramid to be constructed at public expense on Mynydd y Gwair, towering over small villages that once housed the Welsh language, was from “1984” by George Orwell. The Ministry of Truth was such a building, about a thousand feet high or similar, and full of offices with screens of Big Brother watching you. The Minister of Truth of the Welsh Assembly is planned to sit on top of the pyramid, declaiming to the slaughtered birds that all is perpetually well. We are told that wind turbines provide electricity for thousands of homes. The real truth (translated from newspeak) is that they don’t, and all the young people are being forced to emigrate because they cannot afford the deposits on mortgages of houses. The thousands of homes are empty. Greedy geriatrics have taken over the homeland of the young people. The last two lines of “Over Sir John’s Hill” by Dylan Thomas sums it up in multiple meanings and alliteration “Before the lunge of the night, the notes on this time shaken /Stone for the sake of the souls of the slain birds sailing.”

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