Data on Massive Binaries from AIAS Fellow Russ Davis in Florida

Many thanks for these data! It will be very interesting to apply our new lagrangian and fluid gravitational methods to them. It has been known for more than fifty years that the Einstein theory fails completely when applied to the velocity curve of a whirlpool galaxy, whereas ECE2 succeeds in describing various precessions, light bending and also the outline properties of a whirlpool galaxy, including the velocity curve. The Newton theory also fails completely to describe the velocity curve of a whirlpool galaxy. ECE2 is torsion based from the outset, and correctly considers both torsion and curvature. Physics has split completely into ECE and standard model. Standard physics is a paranoid schizophrenic. Despite the overwhelming evidence against Einstein’s theory provided by AIAS / UPITEC and others, it sticks to describing it as ultra accurate, and demands more and more money to prove its own failure. This is another example of post factualism, or as they say on the farm, bull. It is terrified of criticism, paranoid about chemists who disprove physicists. Governments which consult and are well aware of the failure of standard physics. When buying ideas from a dogmatist, count your change.

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Dr. Evans,

It would seem that the orbit of stars, such as S2, near the center of our galaxy are being investigated. I was attempting to find relevant precession data, but need to run some errands. Here are some references I found. Perhaps they may lead to some more detailed observational data.

Most references attempt to offer Standard Model analysis to explain precessions. The attached paper (Dusko_MP_2013_10-Borka.pdf) evaluates a fourth power gravity law, however, maybe this paper’s end references identify additional star orbit observational data (I didn’t have time to go through them).

Non-Keplerian Motion of the star S2

S2 (star)

The Shortest-Known–Period Star Orbiting Our Galaxy’s Supermassive Black Hole

The Galactic Centre star S2 as a dynamical probe for intermediate-mass black holes

Russ Davis


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