Wind 15.81%, 1 – 18 mph, Wales 1 – 12 mph, 0736 local time

The wind speed in the Betws area is now 4 mph, so the giant turbines are producing no power at all because it needs 9 mph average wind speed to start them. They are a giant swindle as has been well known for 25 years. Solar is a joke at 0.62% and therefore it is clear that solar is useless because there has been plenty of sun for days. If there is any cloud, fog or rain, solar reduces to 0.00% contribution to the grid, measured by the University of Sheffield on This is because solar is not even metred. It still produces essentially nothing in ideal conditions. Hydro is a pathetic 0.85%. It should be 100% with plenty left over for export. Just build turbine lagoons in the Bristol Channel. In Wales now, almost no power is being produced by wind turbines, because as ussual the wind speed is too low, so they should all be demolished in a cross party agreement and funds switched to turbine lagoons. Nuclear is always run flat out, so the danger of an accident increases all the time, together with radioactive waste pollution. The government, if it exists, appears to be paralyzed, unable to govern. It produces new speak in the Ministry of Truth of Orwell. New speak says that turbines produce power to thousands of homes, in fact they produce almost nothing. It is rumoured that a gigantic concrete pyramid is to be built in the most beautiful part of Mynydd y Gwair, the Ministry of Bull, and I am nor talking about herefords.

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