FOR POSTING : Post Factualism in the Corrupt University System

This is exemplified by Aberystwyth as described in Autobiography Volume Two on, now read many tens thousands of times. The system at Aberystwyth was terminally corrupt, appointments were made without any knowledge of facts, the self evidency of achievement (attached). I hold a world record of fifteen Fellowships won in open international competition, and by now have many honours and awards, being the only Civil List Pensioner in Wales, and the only Welsh speaking CLP, appointed directly by my distant Tudor cousin, Queen Elizabeth II. No achievement of the type exemplified in the attached was ever taken into account by an incompetent administration that was largely self appointed. In consequence, and in stark, bone bleached contrast, UCW Aberystwyth has collapsed into insignificance. It is not a University, it is a University College. It is flooded by low quality monoglot intake from outside of Wales. This cynically destroys the noble ideals of the 1893 Eisteddfod at which the University of Wales was founded. The People of Wales is the Supreme Authority in the University of Wales by Charter and by law. The People of Wales never gave permission for it to be cut up and dissolved. Currently Aberystwyth is ranked 539 in the world by webometrics, 301 – 350 by Times, 491 – 500 by QS and never ranked by Shanghai, its international quality being too low. Holding the most senior Scientiae Doctorate of the true University of Wales, (a distinction higher than full professor), I refuse to accept its illegal dissolution. This reminds me too much of Thomas Cromwell and my ancestral cousin, Henry VIII Tudor – the dissolution of the monasteries. I have been forced for many years to work outside the university, but one can never be outside a true university. The late J. O. Williams was refused a job as Head of Department of EDCL, and he almost knocked me over accidentally after the interview. He was beside himself with rage at the smoke filled appointment. Now, Principals or whatever they call themselves, are imported from outside Wales, the process ignores the whole of Welsh speaking Wales. One lady appointed Principal said that she knew a few words of Gaelic. So do I, but Welsh is spoken in Wales. How was such a person appointed? I tried to find out with the Freedom of Information Act but met a wall of silence. No one knows. The entire University of Wales should be fluently Welsh speaking as my ancestor Glyndw^r demanded. I cannot help contrasting this with two great Principals I knew: Prof Sir Thomas Parry (“Gwaith Dafydd ap Gwilym”) and Sir Goronwy Daniel. The latter was scathingly critical of my treatment and was married to the Honourable Valerie Lloyd-George, grand daughter of David Lloyd-George. I still remember them clearly as described in Auto Two. That is a fact. The university in contrast is post factualism run riot.


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