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This is an interesting article, post factualism in physics can be an anti Baconian refusal to admit that dogma is hopelessly incorrect, and it can take the form of rejecting new ideas irrationally, using censorship, vicious personal abuse, distortion, malicious misrepresentation, and gutter trolling (i.e. wildly defamatory and pejorative written material which is a criminal offence in almost all common laws). We have experienced all of this at AIAS / UPITEC but it can be claimed on the objective evidence of fifteen years of ultra detailed scientometrics that we have forged the physics of the early twenty first century. Professor Emeritus Alwyn van der Merwe, the eminent and enlightened physics editor, describes this as the post Einsteinian paradigm shift because Einstein dominated natural philosophy in the twentieth century. In many ways the old academic system has been ignored by the very high quality readership of ECE theory. The scientometrics show beyond doubt that the old system and the old physics has been rejected at all the best universities, institutes and similar in the world. Decent people recoil in utter revulsion at scientific trolling such as that on wikipedia, and of course trolls are criminals, to be shunned by society. The vast readership goes straight to combined sites and literally in their millions. Half the articles published in the so called “refereed” journals are never read, even by editors. That system is therefore meaningless. If journals publish dogma, then they become of no interest to Baconian scientists, and over time, the journals and the system that produced them fade into historical oblivion. The Einstein theory has been refuted many times on combined sites, but the failed dogma is the only thing that these obsolete journals allow to be published. Combined sites started in 2002 after a wall of irrational prejudice was constructed against B(3) theory. I am reliably told that B(3) has been nominated several times for a Nobel Prize. If such a Prize is awarded, it will be the first to break the dogma of standard physics. The huge readership seems to demand such a Prize, it demands objectivity. At about the same time, in 2002, the knowledge revolution got underway, and it was decided to archive the internet. Google became available so everyone has a vast library. Dogma and its shadowy trolls cannot hide in the light of reason. One cannot stop the march of ideas (Victor Hugo, “… on ne resiste pas a l’invasion des idees” in “A History of Crime”).

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Subj: Interesting self-awareness of a university member

I was hinted by Ulrich Bruchholz that a physicist at a university institute in Frankfurt, Sabine Hossenfelder, made the following statements:

That we now live in the grip of post-factualism would seem naturally repellent to most physicists. But in championing theory without demanding empirical evidence, we're guilty of ignoring the facts ourselves. But in the absence of good quality measures, the ideas that catch on are the most fruitful ones, even though there is no evidence that a theory’s fruitfulness correlates with its correctness. 

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