Contribution by Stephen Crothers

Good to hear from you, this will be a very interesting chapter as usual! In March 2017 the first volume, “The Principles of ECE” was read open access at the rate of 9,514 times a year off combined sites, so your chapter for that volume was also read at that rate. In contrast, half of scientific papers published conventionally are not read at all. This puts the huge impact of your work in context. Attempts to censor your work, and the personal abuse to which you have been subjected, have failed completely and rebounded on the Old Guard.

Sent: 08/04/2017 16:19:24 GMT Daylight Time
Subj: Contribution to book

Dear Myron,

Thanks for inviting me to contribute to another book. I would like to write a chapter on the invalidity of Kirchhoff’s Law of Thermal Emission and the non-universality thereby of Planck’s equation for thermal spectra, and the implications for the ‘CMB’ and Big Bang cosmology. Is this proposal acceptable for the direction of the book?

Kind regards,

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