Wind 3.83%, 1 – 18 mph, Wales 2 – 6 mph, 0751 local time

Wind has collapsed again to 3.83%. The wind speed in the Betws area now is 4 mph, so the wind turbines are producing nothing as usual, because 9 mph is needed to start them. There is no power generation due to wind in the whole of Wales today, because the wind speed is only 2 – 6 mph, below 9 mph throughout Wales. The year round average for Wales is about 2% contribution to demand of wind. Solar today is a negligible 0.4%, on most days it it is 0.00% because rain and cloud and fog are not unknown. So even on sunny days, solar is completely useless. A massive international effort is needed to build a series of tidal lagoons in the Bristol channel. These will be enough for the energy needs not only of Britain but of much of Europe. Nuclear and gas are flat out as usual. Combined with that, ES and LENR should be brought online as soon as possible. That will be a clean source of energy for all Europe, and indeed all the 196 countries of the UN. The result of this fiasco in Britain is that power rationing will have to be introduced, and the economy will go into recession. Power rationing will introduce instability into factory machinery. With government like this, who needs the flood? Even if there were a flood, the government is so incompetent that it could not use it for hydro. Mynydd y Gwair is just about to be ripped apart in order to give Beaufort more money to spend on whatever he spends it on. Nobody around here has ever seen him.

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