Trump’s attack on Syria

This was carried out without any consultation of allies and the United Nations, or of the Russian Federation, so it has led to a dangerous instability. We need the opposite, a solid international alliance against Asad and the terrorists, one that includes Russia and China. I know very well that Asad has been a brutal dictator for many years, but it is imperative to get U. N. agreement first. So the Joint Chiefs of Staff must be very firm with Trump, and make sure he does not fire off a nuclear barrage in a fit of rage. Nixon tried to do this while inebriated on one occasion, and he was ignored. Nixon killed hundreds of thousands of civilians in Vietnam and Cambodia. Trump suffers from the same kind of paranoia as Nixon and has accused Obama of tapping telephone lines. If this is proven false it should lead to impeachment. I have signed a petition demanding Trump’s impeachment. If a President becomes unable to govern he can be replaced by the Vice President. Congress can demand that Trump be examined by psychiatrists. There should be constitutional changes put in place to try to make sure that someone like Trump cannot be elected President. I write this as a U. S. dual citizen. Provided the U. N. agrees, any terrorist attack against civilians can be met by international military action against their military sites.

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