2017 AMSCE with lSSN: 2352 5401 Call for Participants -Send before April…

This is another conference invitation to AIAS / UPITEC.

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Subj: 2017 AMSCE with lSSN: 2352 5401 Call for Participants -Send before April 19 for Presentation

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* Keywords

The advance of science calls for efforts from any individuals and organizations.

For the presentation of efforts made by scientists from all over the world, we respectfully invited you to participate and submit to 2017 International Conference on Advanced Materials Science and Civil Engineering (AMSCE), in which you will meet and communicate with excellent colleagues and find potential cooperation for your future work as well.

* Important dates

AMSCE2017 will be held in Phuket, Thailand on 4/21-22 with a large number of participants.

The last time for you to submit is April 19, and we will reply your email as soon as we could.

Please send articles to submit@amsce2017.org with – submission form –

* Publish for papers

Publish in Advances in Engineering Research ISSN:2352-5401 with Ei’ ISI’ CNKI’ Citation.

* Tips for participants

We welcome your participation and support in any forms: authors, speakers or listeners.

Authors: For participants who are interested in presenting and publishing researches with/without attending AMSCE2017

Speakers: For participants who will present the event without publishing papers

Listeners: Attend as listeners without presentation and publication of papers.

To get more information, please contact us via email or call. (Contact)


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