Wind 13.9%, 2 – 36 mph, Wales 5 – 8 mph, 0710 local time

The wind speed in the Betws area now is an average of 5 mph, so the giant turbines are producing nothing as usual because they need 9 mph to start. Solar now is 0.00%, which looks very much like nothing at all yet again. So the solar panels and turbines in Mawr are useless. Swansea Councils misgovern Mawr so badly that they have turned it into a rubbish tip full of failed technology. They have also closed all the Welsh medium schools in Mawr with the exception of Felindre. Mawr should be turned into a semi autonomous Bro Iaith with all schools in the Welsh medium and the entire population fluent in Welsh. Giant gas pipelines have been driven straight through Mawr, but there is no piped gas in Mawr, only tanks of gas – remote politicians. They are always full of gas and a source of infinite energy. Contrast this with the steam coal industry of only fifty years ago. That was all shut down and the industry never replaced. With government like this, who needs nuclear war?

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