A direct approach to mass point dynamics in a fluid

This certainly looks like a valid theory and it could be pursued. The results will be very interesting.

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Subj: A direct approach to mass point dynamics in a fluid

What about the following approach (in cartesian coordinates):
Given: a velocity field bold vf(X,Y,Z,t)
Coordinates of mass point: X,Y,Z
velocity of mass point:

bold v = (v_X + vf_X, v_Y + vf_Y, vZ + vf_Z)

with v_X = X dot, etc.

The Lagrange equations can be obtained from the above equation for bold
v. It has to be checked if this is a valid precedure because in Lagrange
theory normally the coordinates are transformed and not the velocities.
As an alternative, one could certainly solve Newton’s equations directly.
This model does not include viscosity or other additional effects.


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