UFT88 Read at Lehigh University Pennsylvania

Leigh is ranked 465 in the world by webometrics, 401 – 500 by Times, 481 – 490 by QS and unranked by Shanghai. It was founded in 1865 and has about 7,000 students. It has produced several Nobel Laureates, U.S. National Academy of Science Members and National Medal of Science winners. In 1900 the physics building burnt to the ground after an early attempt at string theory self imploded into ten and a half dimensions. UFT88 is the now famous paper that corrected the second Bianchi identity for spacetime torsion, leading to the post Einstein paradigm shift and the rejection of most of the old standard model of physics. UFT88 should be read with UFT99 and definitive proofs, UFT109 (Evans torsion identity), UFT255, UFT313 and UFT354. The final form of UFT88 is UFT313 (Jacobi Cartan Evans or JCE Identity). The ECE and ECE2 Schools of Thought in physics probably have a larger following than standard physics.

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