The New System of Physics

Therere are about 3,200 items on and and are also centrally important for the new physics. The new system of physics pioneered by AIAS and UPITEC is to bring these books and papers directly to the readers. The result is a vast and permanent readership in all the best universities, institutes and similar in the world. Fifteen years of detailed feedback prove this beyond doubt. In contrast, the old system, consisting of publication of often obsolete or refuted material in expensive books and journals, is often a complete failure, because it is estimated that about half of the papers published in that way are never read by anyone. Citations are therefore meaningless if papers are never read. There is little statistical correlation between citation and actual readings of papers. The ideas and scholarship of AIAS / UPITEC are radically new, and refute the old physics in many ways as is well known. Citations of papers (when they are actually read) come from the censorious protagonists of obsolete and refuted ideas, so these protagonists are not going to be keen to cite their own intellectual failure. The honesty of the obsolete physics system has been destroyed by the wikipedia scandal, in which crude personal attacks and distortions were used, together with fraud and e mail abuse. So awards of prizes, medals, funding and so on should be based on our type of scientometrics and our type of teaching and research – the modern way of doing things. The scientometrics are fully computerized and completely objective. Obviously AIAS / UPITEC is the most studied small research group in the world and should be recognized as such. .

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