Wind 4.34%, 1 – 26 mph, Wales 2 – 14 mph, 0620 local time

The wind speed in the Betws area now is 2 mph, so the turbines are not producing any power at all. A wind speed of at least 9 mph is needed to start them. They produce optimal power at a steady wind speed of 20 to 40 mph, and that never occurs in Wales. Often, none of the giant turbines in Wales is producing any power at all. Many millions have been entirely wasted. These should have been spent on hydroelectricity, ES and LENR. Any observable movement of the blades is due to power being fed into them from the grid, presumably for maintenance. My simple daily study of the past few months has shown that they are totally useless at the cost of millions. The landscape of Betws has ben ruined completely for pieces of rotten silver. In my opinion this is a criminal offence, a gigantic fraud. The environmental laws have been ignored, and democracy trampled into the mud. Solar today is an amazing 0.00%. With power like that who needs a fiasco? So the disgustingly ugly solar panels in Mawr are completely useless. They can be seen miles away as a dirty grey disease. These were put up as the result of subsidies. So it is almost certain that power rationing will have to be introduced, because the austerity obsessed tory nongovernment has vetoed lagoons. It prefers to waste millions on useless turbines and solar panels. Nuclear is always run flat out, so we all hope that the lid won’t blow off a power station one day. Gas is always run nearly flat out, and it all has to be imported. The money should be raised to build a series of turbine lagoons all along the Bristol channel, both sides.

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