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Many thanks again. Elizabeth Portrey of Ynys Cedwyn House was the grandmother of the industrialist Morgan Morgan of Craig y Nos and my great great great great great grandmother. This update shows that her name was changed from Elizabeth John to Elizabeth Portrey, so there may be as yet undiscovered extant Deed Poll or similar legal documents available that record the name change. She was descended from the Princes and a member of a Gentry Family. She married Morgan ap Thomas y Garth, a member of another Gentry family. They were distant cousins, both families being descended from the Norman Aubreys and the Princes.

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This is an update to include the fact that Christopher Portrey left some money in a Codicil to Elizabeth John, (his natural daughter with Gwenllian John), whose name was changed shortly thereafter to Elizabeth Portrey. Christopher Portrey had three natural daughters: Elizabeth, Anne and Lucy who lived in Ynys Cedwyn House. They were all well married into other Gentry Families. The evidence for the Garth line is also definitive. So the Morgan Family is descended from Prince Bleddyn ap Maenarch in two ways (Bartrum and Ynys Cedwyn estate papers, and later research by Leonid Morgan, Stuart Davies and myself). In my direct line I descend from Edward Evans I, (the earliest known Edward Evans at present) who married Elizabeth Gunter on Dec. 3rd 1737 at St. Mary’s Cusop, forging a link with the ancient Norman family of Gunter of Llanigon, related to the Tre Gunter Family. On my mother’s side I descend from the ancient Norman Havard Family. The Aubreys are another ancient Norman Family. Thomas Aubrey (born about 1299) married Nest ferch Owain Gethin (born 1304). She was descended directly from Bleddyn ap Maenarch, Prince of Brycheiniog (Bartrum, National Library of Wales).

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