High Quality Genealogy of the Morgan Family

Compared with some lines the two lines leading back to ancient times from the Morgan Family of Glyn Tawe are accepted as being very accurate and high quality. A quick google will show that they are all over the internet. A lot of genealogy is passed down from generation to generation habitually. Even scholars like Clement Bartrum and Theophilus Jones appear to accept the old genealogies uncritically. From page 48 of the online welshjournals.llgc.org.uk it is seen that the actual references to Gunter, for example, are sparse:for example Roberto fili Gunteri in Brecon Priory Charters 1150 – 1165, in the Calendar of Patent Rolls 1298, and in the Caradog Freichfras Collection by Hugh Thomas there is a Walter de Gunterston. However, Clement Bartrum, “Welsh Genealogies”, accepts the line right back to Richard Duke of Normandy. Genealogy is not an exact science like physics, common sense and balance of probability must be used. I should point out common sense: everyone is of ancient descent. There is a large element of fiction in some genealogies, which are wildly wrong. So everyone can claim ancient descent. The difficult bit is to do the hard work of scholarship to find out exactly what is this ancient descent. Again, there can be no merit by association. What you achieve must be on your own merit not by reflected glory of an ancestor.


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