Wind 4.45%, 0 – 14 mph, Wales 0 – 6 mph, 0803 local time

Wind has collapsed completely after a few days of producing a little bit of power. The wind speed in the Betws area now is 6 mph, not enough to start the giant turbines, which produce essentially nothing all year round and should be demolished as soon as possible.Wind is producing nothing throughout Wales now, because the wind speed is 0 – 6 mph. Solar is a negligible 1.1%, even though it is a sunny day. Usually solar is 0.00%, so the wind turbines and solar panels in Mawr are produce essentially nothing. Meanwhile, there is a thirty foot tide four miles away. This terrible fiasco is brought about by incompetent government at all levels. Nuclear is flat out, nuclear waste being produced as usual. Gas is close to flat out.

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