Principles of ECE theory II

Ulrich Bruchholz is of course welcome to contribute, and of course so is Steve Crothers. In my opinion they are both original thinkers and first class physicists. The typesetting is fast and very accurate, so progress is excellent. I will certainly contribute to costs of joint venture publication by ePubli in Berlin. “The Principles of ECE” is being read over nine thousand times a year at present, and the hardback production by ePubli in Berlin is also first class. There was a spike of interest in March 2017 in “Principles of ECE”. Usually it is read about five or six thousand times a year. So dogmatic censorship of valid ideas in physics no longer works in any way. In fact I would say that ECE and other theories such as that by Steve and Ulrich now hold the high ground in avant garde physics in the best universities in the world. These contain open minded staff and students of the highest calibre and reject the teaching of bad physics in favour of ECE and other ideas. This pattern is exactly similar to the post impressionists such as Cezanne, van Gogh and Gauguin; or to the emergence of Dylan Thomas for example as a leading poet. One cannot stop the march of ideas.

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Stephen Crothers will contribute a chapter to Principles of ECE Theory II. I was asked by Ulrich Bruchholz if he could contribute his calculations for the neutrino masses. This would be about 15 pages. His papers were declined by journals in the way well known to us, and he would be grateful if his lifework could be published in this way.


Dear Horst,

I did not realise that Myron had invited me to volume II as well. I would be happy to contribute a chapter. I will have it to you within a month.


Kind regards,

On Saturday, 1 April 2017, 23:45, Horst Eckardt <mail wrote:

Dear Steve,

Myron had invited you to write a chapter for the second volume of

Principles of ECE theory. I have contacted the typesetter now for

preparing the typesetting. Until finishing it will take a month I

guess. Would you like to contribute in the same amount as for the first

volume? This would be welcome.

Best regards,


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