Wind 12.34%, 2 – 35 mph, Wales 9 – 35 mph, 0802 local time

The effective wind speed in the Betws area now is now zero, 9 mph average wind speed minus 9 mph needed to start the turbines. So they are producing nothing at all at the cost of millions and complete ecological destruction. Mynydd y Gwair will also be completely useless. There will be less wind speed on Mynydd y Gwair than on Betws. The year round contribution of wind to demand in Wales is only about 2%. So all wind turbines in Wales should be demolished at developer expense, and all supply pylons and roads. All subsidies should be paid back by the developers. Solar is now 0.38%, and the solar panels in Mawr are useless. Often, solar is 0.00%, and never greater than about 0.8%. Nuclear is flat out, gas is almost flat out. Coal is about half capacity. Hydro is a pathetic 2.71%. This fiasco is the result of cabals forcing through their ideas on weak governments.

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