Edward Evans and Elizabeth Gunter

Diolch yn fawr, thank you very much. As can be seen from your previous work (attached), neither Edward Evans nor Elizabeth Gunter were baptized in St. Mary’s Cusop, and it was your opinion that they were baptized in a nearby church. I have done some more research since then and found Welshjournals.llgc.org.uk. I found that William Davies of TreGunter came from Llanigon, where the Watkins family, of which he was one, had very close links with the Llanigon Family of Gunter. As can be seen from the attached direct line, Edward Evans IV was baptized in Llanigon, which is close to Cusop. I am not sure whether Llanigon is in Hereford or Powys. So St Eigon, Llanigon may have baptismal records. I know that St. Michael’s Cleirwy or Clyro is in Powys, so is the church in Hay (Y Gelli Gandryll). I also found that the Gunter family have or had had connections wth Llanigon since the eleventh century. So this will be fine. Gunter is a Norse name as the above journal confirms, so any Gunter or Havard or Aubrey will have an ancient lineage, easily verifiable by Norse or continental DNA. The name Evans is of course ap Ifan, and would have been in that area to time immemorial. The intermarried with the Princes so any family member will have a lineage back to the Princes.


Myron Evans

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Thank you for your email of 29 March. Before I pass your enquiry to the research service I just want to make sure that we will be on the right lines. You would like us to search for the baptism of Edward Evans and Elizabeth Gunter in the period 1710 – 175 in the registers of Cusop and Clifford (the records of Glasbury should be with Powys Archives). If that is correct, I would suggest we start with those parishes then if no relevant baptisms are found report back to you before extending the search outwards. Could you confirm whether you would like to proceed on that basis?

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