Bosch Corporation Studying Energy from Spacetime Devices

This interest can be seen on the daily reports for today and yesterday. These can be based on the replicated and patented Osami Ide circuit (UFT311, UFT321 UFT364, Self Charging Inverter), which will bring in the second industrial revolution described by AIAS Fellow Dr. Steve Bannister in his Ph. D. Thesis on (Department of Economics, University of Utah). See also and The Alex Hill company has recently signed a joint venture agreement with a company in the United States. I think that investment managers should be interested in this new industry. It should return a spectacular amount on investment. ECE theory describes the Osamu Ide circuit with precision (UFT311), whereas the obsolete standard model fails completely. See also the pulsed LENR report by AIAS Director Douglas Lindstrom on and his Idaho lecture. He is currently on a business trip to China, where there has been intense interest in ECE theory for some years. There are potentially huge new markets for spacetime devices all over the world. They could be used to power domestic appliances of the type manufactured by Bosch. They could also be made into power stations, large power plants, power devices for electric vehicles, power plants for ships and also aircraft and spacecraft, and should make the chemical battery industry obsolete. That is why Prof. Bannister describes them as powering the second industrial revolution. Wind turbines are already obsolete as well as completely useless. Governments should implement energy from spacetime devices as quickly as they can. They can also be distributed to the starving poor of many countries.

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