UFT88 read at Pierre et Marie Curie Astrophysics Institute

Universite Pierre et Marie Curie (Paris 6) is the best university in France at present. It is ranked 39 in the world by Shanghai, 121 by Times, 141 by QS and 175 by webometrics. It has 32,000 students on the Jussieu Campus of the Latin Quarter of Paris. The University of Paris is the second oldest on mainland Europe after Bologna founded in the second half of the twelfth century by Robert de Sorbon. The oldest university in Europe was Bangor Tewdos, founded in the fourth or fifth centuries, but completely destroyed by raiders. The Astrophysics Institute is situated next to the famous Paris Observatory and was founded in 1936, opening in 1952. UPMC is affiliated with the Sorbonne and CNRS. It includes the Institute Henri Poincare, where Jean-Pierre Vigier , co author of “The Enigmatic Photon”, Omnia Opera of www.aias.us) was a professor for many years, starting as an assistant to the Nobel Laureate Louis de Broglie. Vigier immediately accepted B(3) and probably nominated it for a Nobel Prize, or used his influence to have it recognized and nominated. UPMC has produced several famous Nobel Laureates, including Pierre Curie, Marie Curie (two Nobel Prizes), Henri Bequerel, Louis de Broglie, Frederic Joliot, Irene Joliot-Curie and Pierre Gilles de Gennes, whom I heard lecture on liquid crystals at Aberystwyth during a conference I helped organize. In the student risings of 1968 to 1970 there were prolonged clashes between the students and the police. The students occupied the Sorbonne and declared it an autonomous People’s Republic. This occurred when I was an undergraduate at Aberystwyth (1968 to 1971) as described in Autobiography Volume Two. The radical atmosphere of the Parisian student Rising pervaded the campus at Aberystwyth and also all the Campi in the United States after the Kent State shootings. UFT88 is a famous classic paper by now, it was published in 2007 and corrects the second Bianchi identity for torsion, leading to the complete geometrical refutation of the Einstein relativity and another revolution, the post Einsteinian paradigm shift in natural philosophy. So www.aias.us and www.upitec.org are read continuously at all the best universities in the world. The authorities of the old Ministry of Truth in physics try not to notice.

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