UFT88 Consulted at Cambridge, Geneva and Memorial Newfoundland

Cambridge is currently ranked fourth in the world by Times, QS and Shanghai and 13th by Webometrics, it was founded in 1209 and has 19,660 students and 31 Colleges. Geneva was founded in 1559 and has 14,489 students. It is ranked 53 in the world by Shanghai, 95 by QS, 137 by Times and 154 by Webometrics. Memorial University of Newfoundland was founded in 1925 and has 18,000 students. It is ranked 400 in the world by webometrics, 501 – 600 by Times, 651 – 700 by QS and unranked by Shanghai. UFT88 has been read many times at Cambridge and is a classic paper which corrects the 1902 second Bianchi identity for torsion and effectively refutes the Einsteinian general relativity. In the past two or three years there have been about 250 known consultations of UFT88 from staff and students at the world’s best universities. It should be read with UFT99, the definitive proofs, UFT109 (the Evans torsion identity), UFT255, UFT313 (the Jacobi Cartan Evans identity) and UFT354, which shows that neglect of torsion by Einstein leads to a meaningless theory, now replaced by ECE2.

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