The Gunter Family of Llanigon

On studying Welsh journals online from the National Library of Wales ( pages 47 and 48, I found that William Davies of TreGunter came from Llanigon, where the Watkins Family, of which he was one, had very close links with the Llanigon Family of Gunter. Edward Evans IV of the attached was baptized at Llan Eigon, Llanigon. So this establishes a link between the Evans Family and the Gunter Family, both coming from Llanigon. So Edward Evans I and Elizabeth Gunter very likely came from Llanigon, which is why they were not baptized at Cusop. This NLW article confirms that the Gunter name was originally Norse, the modern Gunnar. It introduced itself into the modern territories of Germany by Norse invasion (Vikings). The Normans were of course Vikings. Sir Peter Gunter was one of the knights of Bernard de Neufmarche, who invaded Brycheiniog in 1093 up the Llynfi river, whose confluence to the Wye is very close to Llanigon. They had no right to invade Brycheiniog, they were in rebellion against William II Rufus, who wanted to have a peaceful border with Wales, continuing the policy of William 1st. They established a system of castles and fortified houses as defence against the British, who constantly attacked them to regain their land. The term “Welsh” was not in use at the time, neither was the prefix “Sir”. The accepted genealogy of Gunter is well known, they married with Aubreys and Havards, and were the ruling elite in a very precarious way. They quickly learned Welsh and became Cambrian Normans. Many have been staunch defenders of the Welsh language. Their own language was originally Norman French, but they had Breton allies. The Battle Abbey archives describe the Battle of Brecon (1093) as one between the British and the French, so do the British or “Welsh” accounts. My ancestors Prince Rhys ap Tewdwr of Deheubarth and Prince Bleddyn ap Maenarch of Brycheiniog, were killed in that particular battle, but were soon replaced by other Princes, notably Glyndw^r, until my Tudor ancestors finally defeated the Normans in 1485 and Henry VII Tudor became King. The original Norman Dynasty lasted for about three or four generations only, it then became Plantagenet (Planta Genesta). Oliver Cromwell was descended from Rhys ap Tewdwr, and became Lord Protector in 1653. The 1649 Republic became the model for the United States.


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