Researching My Direct Line

To Powys and Hereford Archives,

Some time ago Hereford Archives researched my direct line (attached) and concluded tentatively that Edward I Evans (attached) and Elizabeth Gunter originated in the area of Hay on Wye. They were married on December 3rd. 1737 at St. Mary’s Cusop, Hereford, but neither was baptized there. The Hereford archives concluded tentatively that they both originated in the Hay on Wye area. They must have been baptized in about 1710 to 1715 to have married in 1737. I am interested in research for baptismal records of 1710 to 1715 in all the churches around Hay on Wye. These are:

1) St Mary’s Hay on Wye / Y Gelli Gandryll, Powys.
2) St Michael and All Angels Clyro / Cleirwy, Powys.
3) St. Eigon Llanigon, Powys.
4) St Meilig Llowes, Powys.
5) St. Mary’s Cusop, Hereford.
6) St. Mary’s Clifford, Hereford.
7) St. Peter’s Glasbury, Hereford.
8) Gradually extending the search into a larger area around Hay on Wye.

The Hereford archives (attached) think that the parents of Elizabeth Gunter were William and Mary Gunter, but this is tentative. The father of Edward Evans is likely to be another Edward Evans, because there is a line of five generations all called Edward Evans, all coming from the Hay on Wye area, which is a small area. Of course I am prepared to fund the research into this line using any sources available: parish records of all kinds, wills, conveyances, bonds, and so on. The Gunter family is eleventh century Norman in origin, so Elizabeth Gunter is a Norman name on her father’s side. It would be interesting to trace this line back to the eleventh century. At some point the name Evans would change to ap Ifan, and the patronymic system would have been used and they would have been in Powys to time immemorial.

Cordially Myron Evans


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