Ancestry at Clyro / Cleirwy

Rev. D. Thomas,
St Michael and All Angels
Cleirwy / Clyro

Dear Rev. Thomas,
I wonder whether you have baptismal records for Edward Evans and / or Elizabeth Gunter dating from about 1710 to 1715? As on the blog of today I am making a search of churches around Hay on Wye on the advice of the Hereford Archives. As you can see from the attached my direct line has connections with Clyro or Cleirwy, Llanigon, Llowes and Cusop in Powys and in Hereford County. Edward Evans and Elizabeth Gunter were married on 3rd Dec. 1737 in Mary’s Cusop, but neither was baptized there. Kilvert mentions Edward Evans IV in his Diary. He brought alms around to him and his second wife when he was ill. I describe this on my blog. His first wife died young. As you know, Gunter is an eleventh century Norman name that occurs in Hereford and Powys. The Hereford archives think that the parents of Elizabeth Gunter were William and Mary Gunter of the Hay on Wye area, but this is tentarive. So I decided to ago around all the churches in the Hay on Wye area. The Vicar of St Mary’s Cusp was most helpful in going back to Edward Evans I in the attached.

Thank you in anticipation of consideration of this request,
Diolch yn fawr,
Myron Evans


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