Wind 3.21%, 0 – 16 mph, Wales 3 – 12 mph, 0706 local time

Wind is now a negligible 3.21%. The wind speed in the Betws area is now 7 mph, not enough to start the turbines (9 mph) so they are producing nothing at the cost of millions, and will go on producing nothing indefinitely, at the cost of many more millions. The year round average contribution of wind to the grid in Wales is about 2%, a disaster. So Mynydd y Gwair will be just another disaster. This is an assault on the genuine culture in Wales by the Welsh Assembly itself, by the Labour Party and by Plaid Cymru. So they have not only lost touch with Wales, they are greatly harming those people they supposed to govern. Solar is a dull joke, it is again 0.00% now (University of Sheffield estimate on gridwatch). So the solar panels in Mawr are producing nothing at all. Therefore the remote misgovernment of Mawr has destroyed its agriculture and industry, and has caused house and land prices to be wildly inflated out of pure greed. I notice that the same thing is happening on the Island of Mull, house prices are wildly inflated, and there is high unemployment among the young. This is another Highland Clearance.

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