Research by the Hereford Registry

This shows that the probable parents of Elizabeth Gunter were William Gunter and Mary Gunter, probably from the vicinity of Hay on Wye ( Y Gelli Gandryll). I have to ask the Powys Registry whether they had a daughter Elizabeth, born about 1710 – 1715 to be of marriageable age in 1737. Neither Edward Evans nor Elizabeth Gunter were baptized at St. Mary’s Cusop, and there appears to have been only one Gunter Family in Cusop at the time of relevance, that of William and Mary Gunter. On 13th May 1677, John Gunter, a member of the Gentry, (Gent. after his name) was buried at St. Mary, Cusop. We see the beginnings of the descent from Sir Peter Gunter of the eleventh century. Due to the four generations named Edward Evans, I guess that Edward I Evans’ father was also Edward Evans, from one of the villages around Hay on Wye or Hay on Wye itself. These are in Powys, so the Powys archives must be consulted. If Edward I Evans and Elizabeth Gunter are interred at St. Mary Cusop, the gravestone, if it still exists, might have the names of their parents on it.


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