Request for Information

Parish Clerk and Warden,
St. Mary’s Cusop,

Some time ago the Vicar was kind enough to give me information which led to the attached genealogy, going back to the marriage of Edward Evans and Elizabeth Gunter in your church on 27th Dec. 1737. The son and grandson of Edward Evans, also called Edward Evans, were baptized in your church, so the family lived in or near Cusop for a long time and probably goes back centuries in the same area. The Gunter Family also has close connections with your church and also probably goes back centuries in the same area. I would like to ask whether there are any extant records about the parents of Edward Evans and Elizabeth Gunter, probably both of the Cusop area. For example church records, Bishop’s transcripts, banns, wills, conveyances, gravestone records and so on. Are Edward I Evans and Elizabeth Gunter interred in your church or in a nearby church? There cannot be many of them. I note with great interest that the Church contains a 1664 prayer book in Welsh, my native tongue, revealing that it was the predominant language of the area in those days. Earlier it would have gone right out to the Severn, and earlier still all over Britain. In Tudor and earlier times, Hari Ddu ap Gruffudd of Ewyas Tracey was a large landowner, and Guto’r Glyn recorded his genealogy in a well known cywydd. This was the family of Blanche Parry, who funded the translation of the Bible into Welsh by Dr. William Morgan and his colleagues (1588 and 1620). I also note that William Seward, a follower of Rev. Charles Wesley, is buried in the Church, and that there are large yew trees there, indicating a very ancient Druidical origin. William Seward died in 1740 after being heavily stoned by a hostile crowd in Hay on Wye. He was a follower of Rev. Charles Wesley of the Methodist movement. Early Methodist meetings were also held secretly in an ysgubor, or barn, in Llanigon, where Edward IV Evans in the attached was baptized. Llanigon is just across the Wye from you, as you know. Edward IV Evans was mentioned in Kilvert’s diary. Elizabeth Gunter descends from the eleventh century Norman knight, Sir Peter Gunter, but precisely how is not known as yet. All my genealogy is on

Many thanks in anticipation for consideration of this request,

Myron Evans

Dr. M. W. Evans, Civil List Pensioner, Armiger.


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