Latest Direct Line

This is the latest direct line. Many thanks to Stuart Davies and Arthur Turner-Thomas. If possible I would like to push this back further. Can Stuart Davies and Arthur Turner-Thomas help in this project? Both Edward Evans and Elizabeth Gunter probably originated near Cusop, because three generations all called Edward Evans were associated with St. Mary’s Cusop, also known to be associated with the Gunter Family. Cusop is in Ewyas Lacy, Hereford County, formerly the northernmost part of Gwent (1102 as we have just seen from a map sent by Vivienne Swaby). Edward IV Evans was born in Llanigon, and Edward V Evans was born in Cleirwy. These villages are all close together as described in the classic, “Kilvert’s Diary”, which mentions Edward IV Evans as described on this blog. At some point the name would have been ap Ifan, and the patronymic used further back than that. Gunter would have remained the same to the eleventh century. It is probably Norse “Gunnar”.


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