Wind 3.06%, 1 – 17 mph, Wales 3 – 11 mph, 0719 local time

Wind has collapsed again to nearly zero. The effective wind speed in the Betws area now is 2 mph, an average speed of 11 mph minus 9 mph needed to start the turbines, so they are producing effectively nothing. The average year round contribution to the grid in Wales of wind turbines is about 2%, a complete disaster. They continue to waste millions in subsidies, and have to be fed power from the grid to keep them functional when there is no wind. Mynydd y Gwair will also be a complete failure, ruining one of the most beautiful ecologies in western Europe. Solar today is 0.00%, an amazing achievement. So the grey seas of solar panels dumped on Mawr by remote Swansea Councils are producing nothing at all. No satire by Jonathan Swift could condemn the unelected pseudo representatives more effectively. All the mindless politicians sagely praise nothingness every day. Turbines that produce nothing are bringing electricity to the homes of thousands. The people gets the government it deserves if they do not wake up and demolish the turbines and solar panels, and start work on turbine lagoons. Politics is the low and dubious art of the possible. If they can get away with doing nothing, they will.

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