Consultations by the European Top Twenty Universities

There are essentially continuous consultations from all of these universities of ECE theory on combined sites, and have been since inception of the theory in March 2003, fourteen years ago. This represents the peak of a mountain of interest in all international sectors because I can recognize consultations only from public URL’s. I cannot recognize visits from private computers used by staff, post docs and students. Scientometrics are available daily since April 30th 2004. At present the European top twenty are, according to webometrics: Oxford, Cambridge, University College London, ETH Zurich, Edinburgh, Imperial, Utrecht, Catholic University Leuven (Flemish medium), Manchester, EPF Lausanne, Amsterdam, Oslo, Copenhagen, King’s College London, Heidelberg, Glasgow, Helsinki, Munich, Leeds and Groningen. There have been continuous consultations of ECE from all of these since 2003, notably from Oxford, Cambridge, UCL, Edinburgh, ETH, Imperial, EPF, Heidelberg, Oslo, Helsinki, Munich and Groningen. I am sometime Junior Research Fellow of Wolfson College Oxford and British Ramsay Fellow of University College London, having worked in ETH on leave from Cornell. The Ramsay Fellowship was held at the EDCL in UCW Aberystwyth. These are two of my world record of thirteen prestigious Fellowships in open international competition.

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