Central and Eastern Europe and Russian Federation Top Twenty Universities

There have been multiple consultations from nearly all of these for thirteen years. At present the webometrics top twenty are: Moscow State; Charles University Prague; Ljublijana Slovenia; Warsaw; Prague Tech; Jagiellonian Krakow; Tartu Estonia; Warsaw Tech; Masaryk Brno; AGH Krakow; Budapest Tech, Belgrade Tech Serbia; Zagreb Croatia; Novosibirsk State; Belgrade; Poznan; Szeged Hungary; Belarussian State; Debrecen. I have worked with colleagues from Jagiellonian Krakow, Charles Univ. Prague, Poznan and Masaryk Brno, notably Stanislaw Kielich of the Kielich Institute in Poznan was my co editor of “Modern Nonlinear Optics”, now a classic. I have worked with colleagues from the Jagiellonski University in Krakow. As a result I was invited to lecture at a Castel Gandolfo summer school during the papacy of John Paul, who came from Krakow.

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