Wind 7.03%, 0 – 25 mph, Wales 1 – 11 mph, 0712 local time

The equinoctial storm has blown over and wind turbine production has completely collapsed again. The effective wind speed in the Betws area now is only 2 mph, a mean speed of 11 mph, minus 9 mph needed to start the giant turbines which completely wreck the landscape for a radius of thirty miles. The wind speed in Wales now is 1 – 11, so not a single large turbine is producing anything anywhere significant in the whole of Wales. They were dumped all over Wales in order that a few people could make a few rotten pieces of silver for themselves. Solar is a joke at 0.70%,so the solar panels dumped all over Mawr, like the detritus of plague, are entirely useless. Nuclear is flat out and gas is approaching maximum. Hydro is a negligible 3.29%. The dependence on ancient nuclear power stations is very dangerous, every day more and more nuclear waste is produced. Gas is imported and giant pipelines have hideously scarred the face of Mawr because they need to get gas to Penfro. This is lunatic stupidity, because the gas could be imported directly to Penfro by ship. There is still no mains gas in Mawr, and it is severely overcrowded by very large petrol guzzling cars, as if there were no tomorrow. If we are not careful there won’t, the planet will have been totally destroyed. Ruthless, mindless developers stuff more and more houses into smaller and smaller spaces. Young people cannot afford the deposit on a mortgage, because elderly glots have displaced them. “They have fangs, they have teeth / Shout the loud bells of Neath”, “Even God is uneasy / Say the moist bells of Swansea” (Idris Davies, “Gwalia Deserta”). Mawr is indeed a desert.

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