Top Ten Universities Russian Federation

There have been numerous consultations of from the Russian Federation over thirteen years, from universities institutes of various Academies of Science and so on. The top ten according to webometrics are: Moscow State, St Petersburg State, Novosibirsk State, NRU Higher School of Economics, National Nuclear Research University, ITMO University, Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, Tomsk State University, St. Petersburgh Tech, Ural Federal University. There have been many visits from Moscow State, the others are more difficult to identify. However there have been numerous visits from the Siberian Academy of Sciences, and Joint Institutes for Nuclear Research in Dubna and the National Nuclear Research University. The total of visits from the Russian Federation is often high up in the list of countries. These are from private addresses and similar that I cannot identify. A lot of the Federation’s best scientists have emigrated, but the conditions inside the Federation may be improving now. The standard of living is certainly improving, and the ordinary people want peaceful conditions.

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