Marriage Certificates of Elizabeth Portrey

Many thanks again. Yes it was Richard Aubrey (originally Gough) as in the attached who brought the prosecution on 9th April 1753. The fact that Elizabeth John changed her name to Elizabeth Portrey is conclusive. Christopher Portrey arranged the name change. She was, beyond reasonable doubt, the daughter of Christopher Portrey, descended from the Princes and Richard Duke of Normandy through the marriage of Sir Reginald Aubrey with Isabella de Clare. Her mother was Gwenllian John, as you discovered. There must have been a legal document or documents recording the name change. It is clear that illegitimacy would have been a stigma, so it was all covered up for almost three hundred years. If Christopher Portrey is interred in St. Cynog, an X chromosome comparison is possible, scientifically. The X chromosome is passed from father to daughter. We know that Elizabeth Thomas formerly Portrey nee John is interred there with her husband, Morgan ap Thomas y Garth, also descended from the Princes and Richard Duke of Normandy. I had not realized that she was referred to as Elizabeth John in Christopher Portrey’s Will. This is all important and I will write it up in the attached. There would have to be permission for exhumation for scientific research, followed by DNA analysis.

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I read the section as being “of the same parish and county afores. [I
presume that is an abbreviation for aforesaid] widow”

The first witness appears to be ???? Thomas with ‘the mark of’ seemingly above the name. It could easily be Morgan Thomas’s brother, cousin or whatever. William Harry signed the first certificate, but not the second for some reason. Perhaps his hands had developed a shake as his mark is rather crude.

The year of the wedding is difficult to be sure of other that it is definitely the 1760s. Christopher Portrey died at the end of 1752.

The court case was brought in association with Richard Awbrey nee Gough. He sadly had died by 1759, so would not have been available as a witness to either wedding.
Nothing of Gwenllian John appears in the registers, other than the baptism of Elizabeth John.

Elizabeth was left the money in Christopher Portrey’s will as Elizabeth John. She would not have changed her name to above all Portrey, within three months of his death, without the action of somebody and Christopher Portrey is the only person of that surname available, albeit on his deathbed.

Stuart Davies

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Subject: Marriage Certificates of Elizabeth Portrey

Many thanks! These are of key importance. I notice that in the second certificate she is described as Elizabeth Portrey of the same (written) Parish (printed) followed by the written words “and


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