Top Ten French Universities

ECE is studied continuously in every university of note in France, and also in the CNRS research system. The top ten at present are: Pierre et Marie Curie Paris, Paris Sud, Ecole Normale Superieure Paris, Lyon 1, Bordeaux, Paris Diderot, Strasbourg, Paris 5 (Descartes), Nice Sophia Antipolis, Aix Marseille. ECE has been studied continuously in all of these, with the possible exception of Paris 5, I cannot remember without consulting my notes. The Sorbonne is the oldest university in mainland Europe after Bologna. I studied at CNRS Laboratories in Nice and Nancy. There have been many consultations of ECE from the University of Lorraine, the capital of which is Nancy. The French system is undergoing some consolidations and changes, but it has an ancient and famous structure. As EMLG Coordinator I consulted all the research organizations in Europe, forty two of them in all.

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