FOR POSTING : Historical Summaries by Alex Hill and Gareth Evans

I was introduced to Horst Eckardt by Lar Felker, the author of “The Evans Equations of Unified Field Theory” and discussions took place in the Patti Room of Craig y Nos Castle. We planned to walk to see a famous bronze age ring work high up on the mountain here, Carn Llechart, but one of the guests found the wind and rain too severe. Bruhn was a fraudster who disappeared in 2008. The standard editors made a thane wall against ECE theory, but being an old Norman on one side, I side stepped them instinctively using Barry John’s “Instructions for the Fly Half”, Appendix 2A, “An Arrow in the Eye”. Gerard ‘t Hooft made a fool of himself by unpublishing the published (these are all classic papers by now). So like the Viking King Cnut, (Canute), his boots filled with the incoming tide of new thought. Computer algebra is impossible to argue with, and the geometrical proofs of Cartan are self checking. Bruhn was always afraid of attacking Carroll, who uses exactly the same geometry. When I started to use the geometry it mysteriously became dubious. This is a clear sign of academic fraud that anyone can see through. Carroll wrote to John B Hart accepting ECE theory, and that was covered up, such an embarrasment. Meticulous proof after proof destroyed Bruhn’s credibility entirely. Lakhtakia was a joke. By now these proofs are all classics (e.g. UFT 88, 99, Notes from UFT99, UFT109, UFT255, UFT313 and UFT354). Bruhn e mailed everyone in the world, and was an early troll, he attempted to e mail the Devil, and his circuits caught fire. Wikipedia was a fit up and was an early example of academic trolling. The referrals analysis shows that Wiki has been completely ignored for a decade. One wheel on my wagon, I’m still trolling along. Manic troll sites are difficult to see with an electron microscope, so pathetic is their impact (referrals analysis again). Gareth quotes from my sonnet sequence “False Philosopher’s Fall” in the attached. It was first published in “The Salmon”, Galway, Ireland. I read a copy there and also bought a copy of “Tain Bo Cuailgne”, “Taking the Cattle of Cuailgne”, the Irish language classic, known as “The Cattle Raid of Cuailgne”. It was illustrated in pen and ink. Galway and Clare were very beautiful, and I hope they have not been turbined to pieces. County Clare was named after another Norman, my direct ancestor Richard Fitz Gilbert de Clare, Strongbow, an armoured skinhead, probably illiterate. The Irish civilized the Normans and taught them their language. Neither the Normans nor the Vikings nor the English had any right to invade Ireland. So there are Darcy’s and Fitzgeralds and so on in Ireland. One of them, Garret Fitzgerald became Taoiseach and I met him at Trinity College Dublin.


Excellent summary Alex. Not only are all the well known laws of physics reproduced by ECE theory but all the mathematics has been rigorously tested as you say. This would normally be more than enough to get ECE theory accepted. There is the additional problem this time however that a lot of the standard physics, and Einstein relativity, has also been shown to be wrong. There are careers and reputations at stake here and Prizes to individuals that should never have been awarded. So, there is silence but Myron and Horst still have not received the accolades they deserve. This is why your work Alex, and the technological applications, are also so important. As spacetime energy is developed so Standard Physics will be accepted for what it was – flawed and failed. Then Myron, Horst and yourself will all be properly recognised for your contributions.

Myron is a great genius, so is Horst. They have developed a new way of testing theoretical physics and taking it forward.This is as important as the step Newton made in properly introducing mathematics into physics in the first place. Einstein had a great mind and knew that some of the approaches of his time were wrong. He probably would not have been so suprised by what has happened now and, I suspect, would have embraced the new physics – his intellect and thirst for knowledfe would not have allowed otherwise. It is the “false philosophers” with something to lose who struggle with the facts. Our history is full of situations like this when the bad side of human nature dominates for a while and hinders development.

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When I started to read the criticisms of people like Bruhn and his colleagues, many years ago, I felt it was going to be a kind of censorship which would be very difficult to beat or disprove, since it used sophisticated mathematical arguments which most of the AIAS website readers of the time would find difficult to follow, and therefore either accept as valid or false. The additional fact that platforms such as Wikipedia referred and quoted such critics gave them an additional advantage, because it sounded as if the missing support from the establishment had arrived, i.e. the last nail missing on the ECE coffin.

Then, out of the blue, Horst´s papers and sections on UFT papers started to unmistakenly show, everybody, that mathematical packages such as Maxima, Mathematica and others would not reject and bounce back ECE maths when it was tested, and a more objective examiner than such packages would be difficult to find. I feel the trolls /critics also understood this, much to their dismay, and therefore their production of papers against the mathematical support of ECE theory quickly dried up, permanently.

At present, with all the computer verification and simulation carried out by Horst, combined with your theoretical developments, I believe there are few theoretical physics papers produced elsewhere, worldwide, which carry such a rich merger of theory with mathematical proofing and simulation as those produced by AIAS.



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