I phoned up Aled Betts at the National Library of Wales and he confirmed that all is in order, will be archived using Wayback Machine software and will be displayed from the reading rooms of all the copyright libraries of Britain and Ireland. At present it is on the Wayback Machine in San Francisco ( and appears on the British web archive ( in the old format, awaiting updating to Wayback Machine format. The other websites and are also archived on I have the idea of asking the National Libraries of other countries to archive these websites using Wayback Machine software if they have it, so there will be multiple institutional archiving. I request the relevant staff members to keep back ups of the websites and to keep the websites live for the foreseeable future. I have provided a sample of the high quality interest today for Western Europe. The next stage of the analysis will be North and Central America, (Canada, Mexico and U. S. A. in alphabetical order).

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