Rate of Reading of ECE2 Papers

Currently this is about thirty nine thousand times a year off combined sites www.aias.us and www.upitec.org, signalling complete acceptance of ECE2 theory worldwide in the world’s best universities, and conversely, permanent and complete rejection of the obsolete physics among staff and students in the best universities, institutes and similar. So I advise Governments worldwide to cut the funding of expensive and obsolete projects in physics. Some parts of the old physics are still fine and worthy of funding. Tests of its “accuracy” are meaningless, because it fails completely in so many ways. Astronomical data are still valuable, but these data should not be used to test the obsolete Einstein theory. They should be used to test new theories such as ECE2. Citations of obsolete journals are obviously meaningless. These are standard model journals which censor new ideas. Our open access teaching and research has outflanked a wall of prejudice and censorship. Censorship always indicates fear of the march of ideas, and it never works. Honours, awards, jobs, promotions and so on should be based on the well known advanced scientometrics that we have pioneered, and not on often meaningless citations.

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