Wind 12.91%, 0 – 24 mph, Wales 0 – 9 mph, 0722 local time

The equinoctial storm has blown over, so the average wind speed in the Betws area now is 6 mph, so the turbines are producing nothing as usual because they need 9 mh to start. Today, none of the big turbines in Wales is producing anything at all, because the wind speed in Wales now is 0 – 9 mph. A brilliant energy policy. Solar is a pathetic 0.46% so the solar panels in Mawr are also completely useless. The power generation still depends mainly on gas, nuclear and coal. Huge pipelines have been driven up the shoulder of Mynydd y Gwair, leaving scars of disgusting ugliness visible for miles around, but there is still no piped gas in Mawr. Shortly, Mynydd y Gwair will be completely obliterated by more useless wind turbines. For anyone with common sense, emergency cross party efforts are needed to bring about a real government, and to start building tidal lagoon turbines immediately all along the Bristol Channel. Otherwise widespread power cuts will begin very soon, most of them in mid winter when demand is highest. Energy policy is currently a total fiasco.

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