Awards on Merit

It is emphasized that my various honours and awards, and recently nominations, are all measured by merit, in open international competition. In great contrast, the appointment of university staff in my direct experience was often on a whom you know basis, with the result that departments were closed and rankings became abysmal. I continued to be very productive. For example chemistry at Aberystwyth, and Swansea were  closed, physics at Bangor was closed and merged with mathematics, physics at Aberystwyth was closed and merged with mathematics. The hereditary aspect is of great interest to me, and by now the genealogy is also recognized as definitive. I am not part of the university world, I am an independent scientist, appointed directly by the Head of State, and have been since 1995. The work of AIAS / UPITEC will continue to be read by millions of people for the foreseeable future. It is all archived on , the Wayback Machine and staff will of course continue to keep and live for the foreseeable future.

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