Wind 25.09%, 4 – 28 mph, Wales 4 – 28 mph, 0724 local time

The average wind speed in the Betws area now is 4 mph, the lowest in all Britain, so the wind turbines are producing nothing (9 mph is needed to start them) and are situated in completely the wrong place, in an area of low wind speed. They are situated between the Brecon Beacons National Park and the area of outstanding beauty in Gower, so destroy the entire landscape and all the efforts of those people who founded the National Park. They are a glaring white monstrosity on the once beautiful landscape. Solar today is pathetic 2.14%, so there must be some sunshine somewhere, usually it is 0.00%. Whenever it rains, whenever there is fog or low cloud, solar produces nothing (0.00%, University of Sheffield estimate on Wind speeds are taken from the Met Office wind map, which is updated in real time. The once green fields in Mawr, the result of a thousand years and more of care for the land, are often now a revolting sea of grey, solar panels. Both the panels and turbines were constructed by a tiny minority, so that they could get money for destroying the quality of life for everyone else for no purpose whatsoever. This is what I call “forced development” against the will of the great majority. Once this equinoctial wind blows itself out, wind will again be essentially negligible. The year round figures for wind are on the gridwatch site. For all Britain, the average contribution of wind all year round is about 5%. For Wales about 2%, and for Betws negligible (only just above 0.0%). Solar is completely negligible all year round. Hydro is negligible all year round. The reliance on ancient and leaking nuclear power stations is exceedingly stupid and dangerous. Governments are not governing, they are governed by cabals. Not by sensible economics but by greed diseased cabals.

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