Wind 24.17%, 7 – 30 mph, Wales 11 – 22 mph, 0716 local time.

The effective wind speed in the Betws area today is 2 mph, an average of 11 mph minus 9 mph needed to start the turbines, so they are producing effectively nothing. Solar today is a pathetic 0.03%, hydro is a dismal 2.33%, so the solar panels dumped on Mawr are useless. Whoever fly tipped the panels knew that they were going to be useless. Mynydd y Gwair if forced through will also be useless. Much of the unique ecology of Mawr has been destroyed by turbines, giant gas pipelines, and incredibly ugly grey fields of solar panels producing nothing, electricity pylons, horses illegally ridden off the bridle paths, four wheelers and motor bikes. There are trenches, pot holes and seas of mud on Gelliwastad, a protected ecology. The County Councillor for Mawr, shortly to resign or retire, has done nothing at all effective to stop any of this, neither have the relevant M. P’s and assorted pseudorepresentatives. Today is cloudy with heavy, cold rain, so solar is obviously useless. Wind will collapse to negligible as the storm passes. That leaves nuclear, gas and coal as the steady producers of power. The lunatic renewables policy is a total failure, and there is still no move towards hydro. So the colonial government in Wales is also a total failure as always. The Cameron government was wildly incompetent, fixated by austerity, and in effect destroyed the Swansea turbine lagoon in favour of second hand nuclear power stations. These are ancient relics that are “refurbished”. They are very dangerous because of nuclear waste and radiation leaks as at Trawsfynydd. I advise the hopefully incoming Bevanite Labour government to go all out for lagoons and scrap all wind turbines. Similarly for Plaid Cymru. I was a Plaid Cymru advisor while at Cornell University and now I advise Governments worldwide via combined sites and blog (, The well known scientometrics record Government interest up to Head of State seniority daily in all detail since April 30th 2004. I have been fighting wind turbines for over twenty years.

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