Wind 28.27%, 4 – 33 mph, Wales 18 – 33 mph, 0717 local time

The effective wind speed in the Betws area today is only 9 mph, because the mean wind speed is 18 mph and it takes 9 mph to start the turbines. So they are producing effectively nothing, even though the contribution of wind to the grid is the highest I have seen in about six months, 28.27%. It needs a steady 25 – 40 mph for a wind turbine to produce anything useful. Such wind speeds never occur in Wales, indicating clearly that the turbines were put up as the result of corrupt greed for subsidies. Every year, a thousand million pounds of tax payers’ money is wasted on subsidies for wind turbines. This amount of money would easily build a tidal lagoon. The anomalous 28.27% today is due to the equinoctial winds at this time of year. Therefore it is clear that wind contributes a negligible amount to the grid on average, and only on very windy days is wind power in any way significant. When the wind speed gets higher than about 45 mph they are switched off to avoid damage. The Betws and Mynydd y Gwair turbines are completely useless. Solar today is a dark and satanic 0.00%, and looking out of the window as dawn breaks, I see why because I can’t see anything but cloud and fog. So the solar panels in Mawr today are completely useless, and they make the farms completely useless. The load factor of a turbine is the ratio of what it actually produces to its theoretical maximum (the mindless propaganda machine), and a recent authoritative study at the University of Edinburgh shows that after about ten or fifteen years it reduces to a pathetic 11% from only 24% to start with. So it is clear that a series of large turbine lagoons should be built in the thirty foot tide of the Bristol Channel, four miles away from here. These would produce all the power requirements of the countries of Britain, so nuclear, gas and coal, and wind turbines, could all be shut down and all fossil fuel conserved. Energy from spacetime and LENR should come on line as rapidly as possible. Power cuts and power rationing are planned for quietly by the pseudogovernment. In reality there is no government, just powerful cabals and pseudofarmers who cannot farm.

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