Awbrey Genealogy back to Richard Duke of Normandy

PS Wikitree traces back further than Thomas Aubrey (born about 1299)

as follows: Thomas Aubrey Abercynrig born 1285; Thomas Aubrey Abercynrig born 1255 married Joan (Sia^n) ferch Trahaearn; Thomas Aubrey Abercynrig born 1220 married Joan de Carew; Thomas Aubrey Abercynrig born 1190; William Aubrey born 1160 married Joan Gunter (my other ancestor); William Aubrey born 1125 in Wales; Rheinallt or Reginald Aubrey b. 1095; Reginald Aubrey b. 1060 married Isabella de Clare daughter of Richard Fitz Gilbert de Clare (Strongbow) descended from Richard Duke of Normandy. There do not appear to be generation gaps, and there is no evidence of any fabrication. This line appears to be based on Bartrum’s Gelli Aur (Golden Grove) genealogies. Walter Aubrey and his wife Christina are interred in Brecon Cathedral (dating from 1312). My other Havard ancestors established Havard Chapel of Brecon Cathedral. Thomas Aubrey born about 1299 married Nest ferch Owain Gethin, whose grandfather Caradog ap Gwilym, Lord of Glyn Tawe, was awarded arms according to Theopilus Jones: “Azure, a buck tripping, argent, unguled and attired between horns, imperial crown, Or.”

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Greetings. I am an Awbrey in the U.S., with our line being from the “Tredomen” Awbreys. I am planning a trip to Wales in June and the planning has generated a renewed interest in my family’s history here.

Family lore has always been strong on the Norman connection, but a few sources I have found have debunked this connection as having been fabricated. Your name has come up as someone who has done deep research into the Awbrey line.

Looking through your blog, I can glean tidbits of information (admittedly I get tripped up on the Welsh names), but I would like to know if you have a nice tidy “tree” online somewhere I could see. Also, if the Norman connection is indeed a fabrication, what information might you have on where they came from? Were they always in the Brecon area or did they arrive there from elsewhere? If this is even knowable that is.

Thank you in advance for an information you can share.

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