Adjustables in the Relativistic Orbit

There is only one adjustable, the constant relativistic hamiltonian H0 = H – m c squared. The non relativistic hamiltonian H sub N, can be measured experimentally using the semi major axis a of the Newtonian ellipse, H sub N = – mMG / (2a). The semi major axis is a = alpha / ( 1 – epsilon squared), where alpha is the half right latitude and epsilon the eccentricity. All quantities are in astronomical tables. Claims of accuracy for the obsolete Einsteinian general relativity (EGR) were based on the assumption that the precessions due to other planets (the great majority of the precession) had been dealt with correctly. Myles Mathis has pointed out that these precessions are calculated with the Newtonian theory, whereas they should have been consistently calculated relativistically. I have never seen any logical reply to the criticisms by Myles Mathis and Stephen Crothers, and by many other good scholars. I have only seen examples of scientific trolling, abuse, name calling and so on. That is unethical and illegal conduct. The laws on trolling are being tightened up rapidly worldwide. When the Einstein and Newton theories are tested against the velocity curve of a whirlpool galaxy, they both fail completely (see “Principles of ECE”). This means that the standard physicists continue to use a theory that is known to have failed completely – EGR. This is completely dishonest, the reason is that a lot of grant money is involved. Let there be no doubt that trolling is a serious criminal offence.

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