373(4): Analytical Orbit from the Relativistic Hamiltonian of ECE2

This note gives the relativistic orbit (13) from first principles of the relativistic hamiltonian of ECE2 theory, without approximation. So this result can be compared with the astronomical data for precession of the perihelion, and with the numerical solution for the precession using the relativistic lagrangian of ECE2 theory (UFT372). It is always optimal to try to obtain an analytical expression with which to compare the numerical results and with which to compare the astronomical results. This work develops the first result of this kind, UFT328, in which precession was discovered by simultaneous numerical solution of the ECE2 lagrangian and hamiltonian, using a scatter plot method. These are major advances which show that Einsteinain general relativity is superfluous, irrelevant, and riddled with errors. Our distance teaching methods bring these results to the best universities in the world.


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