Ynys Cedwyn and Garth Lines

To my Aubrey Morgan cousin, Stuart Davies:

I know a very good computer expert (Steve Dewitt , thegower) who would probably be able to fix the connection problem. If it is Talk Talk I have access to the Chief Executive’s staff. This is very interesting information as usual. The two genealogies (attached) are regarded internationally now as definitive, and they are safely archived on www.archive.org and www.webarchive.org.uk. I have been restudying the Ynys Cedwyn Estate papers, which are online. The conveyance of 5th Nov. 1610 is D / D Yc 42 and is freehold (feoffment). The property conveyed is defined in D / D Yc 38, parchment, seal tags and two seals, in Latin. I will update the attached documents “Discovery of …..” to include the latest study. It is well worth going through the online Ynys Cedwyn Estate papers to see if there are any other entries of relevance to the Ynys Cedwyn and Garth lines. It is clear that Morgan Aubrey of Ynys Cedwyn was buying up a lot of land at that time (late Tudor). In summary, Leonid Morgan was accurate about the Garth line, and now we have essentially all the source documents. A list of any other source documents used by Leonid Morgan would also be very useful, i.e. documents not included in the online Estate Papers.
I will be most grateful, as ever, for all this information and will archive it so it cannot be lost or stolen. Thomas John signed the marriage entry of St Cynog for the marriage of Morgan Evans and Elizabeth Portrey, and was almost certainly a relative of Gwenllian John, the mother of Elizabeth Portrey. My grandmother was also a Gwenllian, Gwenllian Potter of the Morgan Aubrey line as you know. Gwenllian John of Ystrad Gynlais was the common law wife of Christopher Portrey Junior as we now know. The prosecution shows that on 9th April 1753, Gwenllian John was still living at the House, after Christopher Portrey had died, and as you write, was helped in the prosecution by the new owner Richard Awbrey (formerly Richard Gough, a Gentleman with his own coat of arms, motto nec ferrae terret). Elizabeth Portery was the illegitimate daughter of Christopher Portrey, who looked after her and her mother Gwenllian John at the House. Richard Awbrey (Gough) continued to look after them, so there might well have been an agreement as you infer. The stolen wearing apparel belonged to Gwenllian John. So it would be of key importance to find any legal document as you indicate. The rigorously scientific method would be to exhume Christopher Portrey and Elizabeth Thomas, nee Portrey, and to compare X chromosomes. They ought to be identical, and would be found in hair, bones and other remains. That is a somewhat gruesome process best left to an expert if it were ever carried out.

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Apologies for the days in replying, but I am having major problems with my internet connection. At least that is when I have any connection.

I will send you the info requested as soon as I can albeit that it may be in small packages. A good point about Thomas John, I could never track down any baptisms, marriage or burial details about Gwenllian John.

Her descendants were very fond of the Christian name until at least the early 20th century, but it seems to have declined in fashion since, albeit that I do know one. Elizabeth Portrey lost one of her elder daughters, a married Gwenllian, in her twenties and she is buried very close to the grave of her parents.

Regarding the prosecution, it should be noted that Elizabeth was living at Ynyscedwyn with Richard Aubrey who was born a Gough, but changed his name to meet the requirements of the Deed of Settlement. It would appear to me that the Gough family would not have tolerated somebody with that surname living with them unless it had a basis in law. We really need to find the solicitors acting for Christopher Portrey to see whether any relevant documents remain extant.

Stuart Davies

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Subject: Question for Stuart Davies

Is it possible to resend the transcripts of the two marriages of Elizabeth Portrey at St. Cynog? I wish to make a scientific comparison of the signatures on the two transcripts. There is a characteristic e and y at the end of the name. I also noticed that the marriage to Morgan Evans on 18th May 1755 was in the presence of Thomas John, who may have been a relative of Gwenllian John, perhaps her father or her brother. Many thanks in anticipation. Christopher Portrey had died about January 1753, will finalized on 22nd. January. On 9th April 1753 Elizabeth Portrey brought a prosecution in the Court of Great Sessions.

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